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Abrasive Wood Sandpaper

Basic Info

Model NO.:SALIAP37Materials:Dry Abrasive Paper
Abrasive:AluminaType:Wood Sandpaper
Grade:Fine SandBonding Agent:Resin Binder Sand
HS Code:680510000

Introduction: Waterproof abrasive paper is made of synthetic resin, silicon carbide coated on paper backing. It is suitable for grinding and polishing automobile, leather, cases of electrical household appliances and mechanical accessory.

1. Waterproof.
2. Oil resistant.
3. Good flexibility.
4. Great sharping ability, no dust pollution.
5. Adaptable in dry and wet sanding.


It can be widely used in automobiles, electric machinery metal goods, furniture instrument, handicraft article, plastic, leather, stone surface cutting and polishing, jewellery, mold etc. The sanding efficiency is guaranteed. Can be used for mold surface precise sanding, and also in stone, lacquer surface, mirror surface treatment.

Paper Size:

230mmx280mm, can be maufactured according to customers' requirement.

Grit range: 60#~2000#

Grit Application
Coarse(60#) Best for extreme material. Removal & removing old paint
Medium(80-180#) Best for sanding old paint, shaping body, filler & primer
Finishing(220-600#) Best for primers, sealers & final sanding before paint
Feathering(800-2000#) Best for final sanding after pain & top coats before buffing

Product Description